Opening Day

I have come to Word Press because the blog on my own site has been badly spammed.

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3 Responses to Opening Day

  1. Lorelei Oye says:

    I always thought Alex died in an auto accident.

  2. d2m2enos says:

    It was during a drive from Roscommon, MI to my home in Detroit in late July, 1963 that I was handed the newspaper clipping of his death notice. I believe it was the Detroit News. He was described as “a popular Windsor disc jockey” (poor description). It reported that “he died when a car in which he was riding hit a tree”. His Windsor home address was given as well – not common these days. I remember too that during that time he was a very popular speaker and narrator and presented dramatic readings at the University of Windsor and in Cleary Auditorium, which were duly announced on CBE.

    Recently I acquired a press photograph of him at the console in the CBE studio. It had been taken in 1958, and on the back was a brief segment of the attached article which described his education and his outlooks on a couple of matters. TOO brief, but very interesting. I can only imagine what the future must have held for him. I think he must have been the inspiration of my early forays in extemporaneous speaking.

    Thank you for maintaining this thread, and CHEERS !

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