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A Modest Mandolin Proposal

I play the mandolin. Not as well by a long way as I play the flute, but I do play well enough. I’m also a big guy. I’m six-five and though my hands aren’t huge, they’re big enough. Moreover, in … Continue reading

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My Grant Project Launched

My Hatchfund Grant project has been launched. I’m hoping to raise at least $3,500 for a composition project I have had in mind for several years. Follow this link to the project, learn about it, and I hope when you … Continue reading

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Bach Conundrum

I listen to CBC Radio 2 from time to time. I used to listen a lot more often, but many long-time listeners can guess why I don’t listen to Radio 2 much anymore. There are two things that happen all … Continue reading

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Poverty In America

I wrote this after the election.  I didn’t realise that it didn’t get published.  Let’s see if it does now.   The election is over.  In addition to denying climate change, the Democratic and Republican candidates denied the fact of … Continue reading

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Opening Day

I have come to Word Press because the blog on my own site has been badly spammed.

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Alex Pavlini

This was the most commented-upon post on my old blog.  Spammers trashed the comments. When I was about seven or eight, I had my first hero. He was an unlikely hero for a kid of seven or eight, but that’s … Continue reading

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